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CarQuest Batteries

Car Batteries

Trends for new vehicle Technologies, here are some points to consider before investing in a Car Battery

  • New cars have more and more electronic options that require the systems to have continued battery support
  • Many 2016 vehicles will have the start/stop options standard
  • AGM batteries are the best equipped for this technology, due to its design to maintain a consistent state even with a partial charge
  • Cabin electronics (heated steering, seats, navigation technologies, ambient lighting, charging docks, etc.) all need to be functional during a start/stop vehicles operation

AGM Car & Truck Batteries

  • Absorbed Glass Mat
  • The sealing valve is a critical part of the AGM battery
  • East Penn has spent years improving this valve
  • The valves keep the cells from being contaminated by the atmosphere which can ruin an AGM battery
  • East Penn uses a deep cycle grid design to lock active material to the grid which allows these grids to collect and direct energy to the terminals
  • East Penn AGM uses high purity of sulfuric acid, demineralized and deionized water which allows the battery to function at critical performance levels
  • Forged terminal bushings are more robust and will last longer than standard cast
  • The leak proof design keeps batteries corrosion free


  • Are AGM batteries premium products?
    • AGM batteries offer superior performance over flooded batteries.  They are designed to provide stronger cycling performance, vibration resistance, stronger severe service durability
  • Why do customers need better cycling performance in batteries today?
    • Today’s vehicles are coming equipped with a variety of new technologies that require more draw from the battery:
      • Navigation systems
      • Display screens
      • Aux chargers
      • Heated interior options (steering wheel, seats, mirrors…)
      • Power lift gates
    • All of these combined with new start stop technology will require your cars battery to perform differently from conventional flooded batteries
  • What is the benefit of having a better severe service durability battery?
    • #1 due to the lack of space under most hoods and batteries being placed in trunks of cars drive the need for better performing batteries
    • #2 the more VIO that are produced with start/stop technologies the larger the increase in enhanced batteries will be
  • Why do batteries need better deep discharge resiliency today?
    • Most homes have two or more vehicles today which can leave them not starting for a couple days at a time, because of parasitic accessory power loads you run the risk of draining the battery power for start up
    • AGM batteries provide a deep discharge tolerance which allows for extended draws from:
        • Parasitic loads
        • Infrequent use
        • Or other draws (leaving lights on)

      Batteries Life Cycle

      DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES ….There is no need to apply added cycles for the sake of priming; however, manufacturers recommend to go easy on the battery until broken in.

We know Car batteries … you have a special need us

Be careful of some places that confuse Cold Cranking Amps of a better with the ‘cheater’ data from Cranking Amps’ — the cheater way uses a higher ambient temp when measuring a battery … and the battery tests better – have us explain this.

We Also Recycle Batteries

Battery Recycling Program

Remember we Recycle all types of batteries at our store location …bring them all in – all types and we will make sure they handled properly and recycled for a better, greener tomorrow.