WeatherTech Automobile Floor Liners

WeatherTech Automobile Floor Liners

Why Buy WeatherTech Liners?

Looking for the best in  truck accessories? Look no further than a set of WeatherTech DigitalFit liners. Measured with precise laser instrumentation to ensure a perfect fit for your make and model, the DigitalFit liners are designed to be odourless, and to never crack or harden as a result of regular use. Deep reservoirs and channel help direct harmful dirt, debris, and liquid away from your carpet, ensuring your interior looks its best for years. Call PetesPaint today to get your free quote on WeatherTech, Husky Liners and Bed Liners for your truck.

WeatherTech liners in Canada – Winter is COMING!

WeatherTech Floor Liners and WeatherTech Automobile Floor Liners have been researched, designed, and manufactured to be the absolute definitive last word in the truck liner, cargo liner, and car mat category. Simply put, WeatherTech’s line of automotive floor liners is overwhelmingly considered the “catch-all floor mats” of the automotive world.

Husky Liners Mats

If and when you decide that the OEM mats your car or truck rolled off the line with just won’t be able to match the protection provided by the rich tread and groove surface (which is made using a heavy-duty custom molded rubber compound), of WeatherTech’s vastly superior truck floor mat, you will not be disappointed. Custom auto floor mats and custom cargo liners saves you money on expensive detailing and helps to maintain the maximum level of resale value your vehicle can command when it’s time to put it up for sale.

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Weathertech Automobile Floor Liners PDF



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