Which Car Batteries Work in Cold Weather

Which Car Batteries Work in Cold Weather

Car Batteries: Which One for Winter?


The battery is the unsung hero of your vehicle, especially in extreme weather

The only time you probably think about your vehicle’s battery is when you try to start your car . . . and it doesn’t. If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling—in your empty office parking lot or when you need to rush the kids to school—you’ll remember how important it is not to take the battery’s health for granted.

The modern car battery is actually a pretty impressive bit of engineering. The technology that powers it is more than 100 years old and has seen only minor changes. Most batteries last about two to four years in hot climates and four to six years in cooler climates. But eventually every battery reaches the end of its life span and will need to be replaced.


What Really Matters in a Battery?

  • Cold-Cranking Amps or CCA – Ability to start in extreme cold weather.
  • Reserve Capacity – How long the battery can run with out an alternator or charging system
  • Battery Life – How long a battery will charge and discharge without failing below acceptable levels


Warning Signs of a Dying Battery:

  •  The obvious: The battery warning light appears on your vehicle’s instrument panel.
  • The engine cranks slowly when the ignition key is turned.
  • The headlights dim when the vehicle idles.


We Offer FREE On-Site Battery Testing – Under 2Mins!

If you think your battery is around the 4-5 year mark or have been hearing a few extra cranks in the morning and suspect that your battery may be on its last leg, stop by Petes Paint in Leamington and we will not only test your battery for you, we will leave you with a full printed receipt/report on its Voltage, Cold-Cranking Amps and Rating so you will know if it is in good health. If it happens that you need a new battery we have hundreds in stock and will help you find the right one for your vehicle.

You might be surprised to learn that most of the damage to your battery is done in summer, when high temperatures drive up the heat under your hood and accelerate the onset of failure. If your battery is aging, wintertime’s low temperatures and thickened engine oil could be the final straw. On average your car battery will last 4-5 years and will probably need to need to be replaced after that much time has passed. We offer Free Battery Tests that take less than 2 minutes, with a printed receipt of stats and if it would need replacing.

When looking for a new battery in summer or in winter time use a trusted brand name battery with a long warranty. Comparing different features doesn’t happen that often when most consumers walk through an auto parts store. With some of your new found knowledge you now ask what the cold cranking amps are on each battery if you are looking for something that is sure to start in colder weather.


What Brands Would You Recommend?



Optima Car Battery

Fed up by the many faults of old-school batteries, OPTIMA decided to start from scratch to engineer a better car battery. Making breakthroughs in design and performance, OPTIMA completely redefined the capabilities of the car battery with their Spiralcell Technology. While other batteries are filled with flat sheets of lead, an OPTIMA car battery is filled with tightly coiled rolls. Not only does this ingenious design protect the lead from vibration, but it also keeps the batteries 100% maintenance free. Plus, off-road enthusiasts can explore the unknown without worry since OPTIMA batteries can flip a full 180° without leaking. With three powerful options to choose from, there’s a high-performance OPTIMA battery to suit any use.



Car Battery

Interstate Batteries has earned a solid reputation for top-quality products, consistently reliable service and business innovations. For more than 60 years, Interstate has been designing high-quality replacement car batteries. When you choose an Interstate battery, you can be certain you’re choosing a battery that was made with quality and design in mind.






Car Batteries

Built for Maximum starting power in extreme tempetures, CARQUEST batteries are built to meet or exceed OE specs for extreme performance in all weather climates. CARQUEST Batteries are maintenance free under normal operating conditions.